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Erotic Massages (Traveling Local Service)
Erotic Massages (Traveling Local Service)
Erotic Massages (Traveling Local Service)
Erotic Massages (Traveling Local Service)
Erotic Massages (Traveling Local Service)

Erotic Massages (Traveling Local Service)

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What is an Erotic Massage and how is it beneficial?

Erotic massages are beneficial for the mind, body and soul, and assists with reducing muscle tensions of the full body, improving blood and oxygen circulation, reducing your stress hormones for better sexual performances, provides relaxation, and of course heightens sexual mental alertness. It’s a Sensual Massage, using massage techniques by one person (The Massage Specialist), on another person's (The Client) erogenous zones, to heighten their sexual pleasures for a healthier sex life. This treatment can assist you to heighten your mental alertness in these areas, as well as your Libido (sex drive).

Erotic Massages can also be used as a mental relaxation treatment for yourself to assist with freeing your mind to overcome distractions that get in the way of focusing on your partner, or self, during intercourse. The massage specialist uses massage tools to help release tension of the muscles and joints. 

These massages can also be used as a preparation for future sexual activities like foreplay or as a final act. A technique targeting the erogenous zones to help achieve orgasms, and is one great way to restore and maximize your sexual confidence. The massage will leave a positive effect on you, making you feel more intimate with your future partner and enjoy a more extensive sexual experience. The treatment provided by an erotic massage makes you feel more relaxed as well as having a calm mind.

Dopamine and serotonin hormones are also released during erotic massage sessions. These are the body’s natural tranquillizers and feel-good hormones. Sensual/Erotic massages are therefore great for more than just pleasure and sexual engagements, but also great for a healthy lifestyle!


What are Erogenous Zones?

Your erogenous zones are areas of your body with a heightened sensitivity, such as your neck, inner thighs, chest, hands, etc., that can produce sexual arousal when stimulated. These erogenous zones are sensitive areas that have nerve-endings and receptors that are more attuned to light touch, gentle tickling, vibrations, and pressure. Our specialist uses special oils and lotions which contain pheromone, which will alert the hormones of the body. 

Erogenous zones are located all over your body, but everyone’s sensitivity levels are different, and location of these areas do vary per person. It depends on the concentrations of nerve endings that can provide pleasurable sensations when stimulated. A person might derive pleasure from touching these areas themselves, but many people get the most pleasure when another person touches them. 


What’s included with an Erotic Massage?

Your Erotic Massage Treatment Specialist will provide all necessary information and tools to complete each massage session. Supplies and tools are included, which consists of a professional massage table/bed, professional massage oils and lotions, and massagers. All items will be discussed and reviewed with the client prior to treatment. A consent for treatment will be signed at the time of the visit. A Client preparation list will also be provided at the time of booking. 

We have 30 and 45 minute sessions available. Each client will be provided with a free "ETC Erotic Massage Kit" which can be used solo or with a partner for future desires in the privacy of your own home. 


**How to Book an Erotic Massage? 

Erotic Massages is a traveling massage service. We travel to the comfort of your own home. Once you are ready to schedule, simply add this item to your shopping cart. We have 15, 30, and 45 minute massage sessions. Choose the session you want from the options on the drop down list. Once your order is placed, an ETC Treatment Specialist will contact you to schedule a time/date for your session. 

You can also book your massage session by phone or email. This is highly preferred if you want your time/date confirmed before you pay for your session online. Call or text us at 313-207-2017 or email us at We will provide you with your appointment time/date, then direct you to this site to pay for your session.

Your total price includes travel and set up fees, as well as your massage treatment. All payments should be paid in full to reserve your appointment session date/time. 

**Rates below are rated PER PERSON. If you are booking a Couple's Massage, please SELECT an option below TWICE;  one for each person.**

If you are unable to keep your appointment, we can reschedule it for you. Please let us know as soon as possible so we can reschedule your session timely.

Erotic Massages (Traveling Local Service)
Erotic Massages (Traveling Local Service)
Erotic Massages (Traveling Local Service)