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Poppin' Play Dice Game

Poppin' Play Dice Game

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Poppin Sex Dice is a fun popping sex dice game for partners wanting to add variety and spontaneity to their sexual play book. Each popping dice game contains one action dice. Rub, Lick, Suck, Kiss and one body part dice Nipple, Fingers, Lips, Ass.

Each player takes a turn popping the dice to reveal the sexual act to be performed on their partner. This fun and sexy game is convenient and compact enough to take on vacation or keep handy in your nightstand drawer.

Adult sex games are an excellent means of spicing up one's bedroom or group activities. They offer an exciting new way to explore physical and mental pleasure with others. While not all sex games result in intercourse, they can bring about intense sensations that can heighten arousal and lead to climax.

Two or more players can play this game.