No Running Bondage Straps – Erotic Toy Chest


No Running Bondage Straps
No Running Bondage Straps
No Running Bondage Straps

No Running Bondage Straps

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Your naughty partner isn't going anywhere with these comfortable furry exterior sex restraints that connect their wrists to their ankles. The No Running Bondage Straps' material is sturdy enough for hours spent in different positions, including the position as pictured, on their knees with their rear end in the air with no escape from the ecstasy. These straps will have your mate bending over backwards for some intimate fun. 

The sex restraints has four comfortable and adjustable cuffs attached to a bar. Perfect for multiple positions, and easy to apply, adjust, and remove so that there is no hesitation as you fulfill your wildest fantasies. Also easy to clean by using warm water and mild soft with a cloth. Use the cloth to clean the restraints and allow them to air dry after cleaning.

Intimate Position Ideas (Be creative, there are many positions to explore!):

  • The submissive is positioned on the knees with their hands behind their back. Use the straps to cuff both ankles and wrists. 
  • The submissive is positioned on their back with "all fours" in the air. Use the straps to cuff both ankles and wrists. 
  • The submissive is positioned on either their left or right side. Both ankles and wrists and positioned behind their back. Cuff both ankles and wrists together with the straps. 

Cleaning:  Wipe down your bondage set by hand, using a damp washcloth with a toy cleanser solution. Never let the bondage set sit in water or place under a water faucet or hose. Clean your set after each use and again before touching another person’s genitals. Allow it to air dry, and then immediately store in a safe and dry area, away from extreme heat or cold, and away from water.

Color:  Black

Length:  32.5 Inches

Width:  2.5 Inches

Material:  Faux Fur, and Velcro (Strong & Sturdy)

No Running Bondage Straps