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No Gag Throat Spray

No Gag Throat Spray

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Dive deep into uncharted territories of pleasure with the No Gag Throat Spray. The fast-acting oral spray with benzocaine to slightly desensitizes the throat for even deeper play. The refreshing spray is naturally formulated for a delicious spearmint flavor pleasurable experience.

The fast-acting formula slightly numbs the throat with natural benzocaine with a flavorful touch of cooling spearmint. The water-based formula is eco-friendly and great for regular use.

If you have a strong desire to please your partner while pushing your own boundaries, then you should give this spray a try! Impress your partner with your new skills and make sweet and deep love to him with your mouth. Deep throating is special, and he will adore you for it. A couple of sprays will turn good head into great head by gently numbing the throat. Easy-to-use anodizing spray nozzle. Also freshens breath!

How to Use:  Spray the product as far back down your throat as you can. The deeper the spray enters the throat, the better outcome you'll receive. Wait a few minutes before proceeding to give oral sex. The penis will slip right down your throat! Store the spray bottle in a safe place, even in your purse or a compartment in your car. Avoid product exposure to direct sunlight or storage for prolonged periods above 100°F. Do not use past expiration date. 

Size:  2 oz.

Flavor:  Spearmint

Ingredients:  Alcohol Denat., Flavor (Aroma), PEG-4o Hydrogenated Castor Oil, PVP, Sucralose, Water (Aqua). 

Active Ingredients:  Benzocaine 5.00% w/w, Glycerin 33.0% w/w Inactive 

**Please note that this product is not the same as over-the-counter sore throat sprays, which use phenol and menthol for numbing. This spray provides numbing by using benzocaine. Results may vary; reapply as needed. Product is edible**