The Black Fantasy Strap-On – Erotic Toy Chest
The Black Fantasy Strap-On
The Black Fantasy Strap-On
The Black Fantasy Strap-On

The Black Fantasy Strap-On

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The Black Fantasy Strap-On has a double dong design which brings unprecedented pleasure and continuous stimulation for both mates. It features two detachable dildos of different sizes, which can be used individually, or with a mate. The most amusing way to play is to fix one in front for satisfying your partner and another behind for stimulating your vagina or anus.

The strap-on dildo is removable and bendable, which has great aim at the vaginal g-spot. One end has the shape of the real ones, which can provide a real sex-like feeling. The dildo harness is suitable for lesbian, couples, also perfect for males to wear as well. 

Instructions:  The giver, and the receiver, both have a dong that's insertable for their private area. The giver will wear the strap, inserting the smaller dong into their desired area. The receiver will receive the longer dong. Use the adjustable straps on the harness to fit perfectly and comfortably. Always use lubricant (sold separately) to reduce any friction between you and your partner. Using lubricant will also increases slippery sensations and aide the toy to glide easier. Clean the toy before putting it away. Avoid product exposure to direct sunlight or storage for prolonged periods above 100°F. 

Cleaning:  Wash your harness and dong, by hand with a toy cleanser solution (sold separately), or with mild soap & water, using a damp washcloth (when cleaning, never let the items sit in water or place under a water faucet or hose.). Clean your items after each use and again before touching another person’s genitals. Allow the harness and dong to air dry, and then immediately store in a safe and dry area, away from extreme heat or cold, and away from water. 

Dildo Color:  Black

Big Dildo Length:  5.3 Inches

Big Dildo Width: 1.37 Inches

Small Dildo Length: 3.27 Inches

Small Dildo Width: 1.18 Inches

Harness Size:  Adjustable Straps to fit all sizes

Harness Material: PVC, Medical Grade Silicone

Harness Color: Black

The Black Fantasy Strap-On