Family Feud Game Night

Family Feud Game Night

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Play this classic game that's easy to take along for family & friend group fun wherever you go! With hundreds of questions to engage the whole family no matter where you are. (This game is non-sexual but can be tweeked to be played either way!)

A house party game that will make for the best weekend get together with your family and friends! Play with your favorite drink of choice to make things much more interesting. 

How to play:  One player acts as the host to ask questions while the other players divide into two equal teams. The teams each choose one person on their team to faceoff for the initial question. The host asks the question written on the card to both team members. The first member to respond correctly may control the question or pass to the other team. The other team gets one chance to give a higher rated answer if the first team did not give the top rated answer first.

Whichever team wins the faceoff gets to try to name all of the answers on the card with team member taking turns at guessing. If the team correctly guesses all the answers without getting three wrong guesses then that team wins the card. Failure to guess all of the answers gives the other team, as a group, one last guess as to what answer may be left unguessed. If this team is correct then it scores the card, if not the first team gets the card anyway. The first team to score five cards is the winner.

Package Includes:   203 cards

Adult games are a way to add a little something new and exciting to your fun activities. These games are also great for mature adult group gatherings and game nights. Play at your own risk!