Universal Blindfold & Sex Restraint – Erotic Toy Chest


Universal Blindfold & Sex Restraint
Universal Blindfold & Sex Restraint
Universal Blindfold & Sex Restraint

Universal Blindfold & Sex Restraint

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These soft leather/satin eye masks can also be used as handcuffs to tie down your mate (the submissive). Comfortable fit on the face and wrist area. Use the blindfold many ways, and for several reasons. 

Helpful Tips about Blindfolds

  • Blindfold Sex Spices Things Up---Having sex with a blindfold on is kinky, but not so kinky you couldn't tell your friends! If you're looking to spice up your sex life without getting too crazy, a blindfold might just be the baby step you need.
  • Not Being Able to See Can Reduce Inhibitions---Worried about extra-intense bedroom faces? With a blindfold on, you won't care. Forget about worrying about your "O" face!! When you can't lock eyes with your lover, you're less likely to wonder how you look.This allows you to really let go, which can lead to a stronger orgasm.
  • Shutting Down One Sense Intensifies Others---A simple touch of your mate’s fingers brushing your thighs, without your vision as a crutch, will allow you to focus more. When you can't see anything, all the sensations you feel, the scents you smell and tastes you encounter will become so much more intense.
  • Being Blindfolded Increases Trust Between Partners---Blindfold sex can strengthen your bond. Allowing yourself to be blindfolded while your mate takes the reins requires serious trust. When your mate earns it with each new and pleasurable move, you feel closer and safer with them, which make sex so much better.
  • Blindfold Sex Adds an Element of Surprise---When you can't see what's coming, every little thing will surprise you. Having sex blindfolded can be the perfect time to bring in things like feathers, ice, oil, etc. Make it a game, run whatever will feel good along your partner's body, but don't tell them what's coming!! Keep them quivering with anticipation by maintaining the element of surprise.
  • Blindfolding Your Partner Puts You in Control---Blindfolding your partner puts you in the driver's seat. You're in charge, and they trust their entire body to you. With that trust comes power, and that can be a huge turn on, especially for someone who's used to being more submissive. Blindfolding your partner changes the dynamic in a sexy way. You just discover you like having a turn to be in charge.


HOW TO USE:  Use the blindfold to cover you or your partner’s eyes. You can also use it as a sex restraint, restraining the wrists or the ankles. Clean the set before putting it away.

CLEANING: Wipe down your bondage set by hand, using a damp washcloth with a toy cleanser solution (when cleaning, never let the bondage set sit in water or place under a water faucet or hose.). Clean your blindfold after each use and again before touching another person’s genitals. Let the toy air dry, and then immediately store it away.

STORAGE:  Store this product in a safe and dry area, away from extreme heat or cold, and away from water. Avoid product exposure to direct sunlight or storage for prolonged periods above 100°F.

COLOR:  Black

LENGTH: 5 feet (60 Inches)

WIDTH: 2 Inches

MATERIAL: Faux Leather

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 Blindfold/Sex Restraint

***Please seek all medical questions from a physician, for we cannot provide medical advice nor recommendations.***

    Universal Blindfold & Sex Restraint