Pink Dolphin G-spot Vibrator
Pink Dolphin G-spot Vibrator
Pink Dolphin G-spot Vibrator

Pink Dolphin G-spot Vibrator

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Use primarily to assist with squirting, however, this vibrator can be used on any part of you or your partner's body. It is quiet in sound, and great for sexual satisfaction. This product is light weight, and waterproof.

Relax and fing your G-spot. The G-spot is inside the vagina, 0.5 to 2 inches from the entrance, on the vaginal wall towards the stomach. Insert a finger into your vagina, curl it up towards your belly button. You should feel a patch of flesh similar to the surface of a golf ball, or the skin of an orange. This is your G-spot. 

Take your time and stimulate your G-spot by using this toy and inserting the dolphin nose tip to your G-spot. Listen to your body's reaction of the satisfaction. Make your self comfortable and release all tension. 

How to use:  Easy to operate, just power with one AA batteries.  Toy can be used internally and externally. The purpose of this toy is for the dolphin's nose to arounse the inner vagina to assist with squirting. Remove batteries from product immediately after use. Avoid product exposure to direct sunlight or storage for prolonged periods above 100°F. Do not use with expired batteries. For the highest toy function, we recommend a high level brand Energizer or Duracell battery.

Cleaning:  Wash your sex toy with a toy cleanser solution (sold separately), or with mild soap & water, using a damp washcloth (when cleaning, never let the toy sit in water or place under a water faucet or hose.). Clean your toy after each use and again before touching another person’s genitals. Do not let the battery area of the toy touch water. Let the toy air dry, and then immediately store in a safe and dry area, away from extreme heat or cold, and away from water. 

Length:  4.7 Inches

Width:  1 Inch

Color:  Pink

Material:  Hard Silicone Plastic

Requires one AA batteries, sold separately.  Item is Waterproof.
Adult toys add more pleasure during sex or masturbation. Some toys are also used for medical reasons (w/physician recommendations).
Pink Dolphin G-spot Vibrator