Suck & Blow BJ Kits

Suck & Blow BJ Kits

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The "Suck and Blow" Blow Job Kit, by Erotic Toy Chest, has everything you need to suck and blow!! Add some licking and slobbing to that list as well! The kit includes a variety of items, all focused on hard erections and a great BJ!

This 7 Piece Kit Includes:

  • 1 Blow Job Bib (keep your blouse clean)
  • 1 Instant Erection Cream (assist with an instant erection)
  • 1 Oral Sex Candy (have fun while you give oral and allow this candy to pop in your mouth and on your mate's private parts during oral sex)
  • 1 Oral Sex Gel (apply to the private area and lock and suck it off your mate. Very delicious)
  • 1 Oral Sex Drops (add a few drops to add flavor while sucking and licking)
  • 1 Liquored Up Gummy Cock Rings (see how fast it get sucked off the penis. The rings are very delicious and has liquor inside)
  • 1 BJ Scratch Challenge (have some fun and scratch the tickets to see what your mate wins for you to perform orally)

This Gift Set comes in a gift box wrapped with bows and ribbons. A nice gift for your mate, or take along for a night of romantic and kinky fun.