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The Let's F*ck Board Game

The Let's F*ck Board Game

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Do you like to f*ck? If so, you will love this f*cking game! This is the game for people who love sex! Let's F*ck! leads you to do one and only one thing....f*ck. Oh what fun! If you are a slut, you can use the extra games markers and play with 3 or more players! 😝 

Adult sex games are a way to add a little something new and exciting to your bedroom activities. These games are also great for mature adult group gatherings and game nights. Sex games all lead to sex eventually, but as you play, these games can lead to uncontrollably climaxing. Play at your own risk!

How to play:  A player rolls the dice and obeys the command by performing the rolled action on the body part of another player. Play with two or more partners. You can also play in teams and challenge each other's freaky side!

Package Includes:  12.25 in. x 7.5 in. game board, a 6 in. spinner, four game markers, and easy to follow games rules.