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The Monogamy Game

The Monogamy Game

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Monogamy is an excellent way to keep the passion alive and to create new levels of intimacy and naughtiness in a relationship. Monogamy allows you to try new things together, to set aside time for one another and have fun while you're at it. You learn more about each other's minds and bodies and discovering what really lights your partner's fire!

A game of Monogamy, also known as a “hot affair with your partner”, is so much more than just a game; it's an exhilarating exchange on multiple levels, and one that you share with someone you trust, if other than your mate. It's so hard to put into words just how good Monogamy is and why it works so well, but you will really have to play the game to see for yourself!

Monogamy is a two player game meant for committed couples to get to know each other better. Some alcohol and your partner and you're ready to start. You move a playing piece around a board and land on squares which involve kissing, drinking, taking clothes off, or taking a card which asked the partner something about themselves or reveals something about you. Every time you complete the board once you move up a level and the questions, and the kissing become more intimate.

In order to unlock sexual pleasures for committed couples, Monogamy challenges you to do things to your partner. The game starts slow and warms up very nicely. Players really enjoy playing this game and they have a different experience each and every time they play.

Game Includes: 1 board game, 4 stacks of individually wrapped cards, 1 bag of tokens and dice, and game instructions.