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Sexopoly Board Game

Sexopoly Board Game

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Sexopoly is a board game of skill, chance, and pleasure for adults. This game is perfect for couples and close friends who want a sensual gaming experience. Rolling the dice advances you around the board. You use Sexopoly money (notes) to purchase businesses and aim to make the most profit within the adult industry, which is the goal. Draw Risky or Frisky cards, which can take away money, apparel, and inhibitions, or reward players with extra riches for completing sexy tasks. Invite your friends and get ready for a fun game night with Sexopoly!

Adult sex games are an excellent means of spicing up one's bedroom or group activities. They offer an exciting new way to explore physical and mental pleasure with others. While not all sex games result in intercourse, they can bring about intense sensations that can heighten arousal and lead to climax.

Two or more players.