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The Pamper Prissy Wand
The Pamper Prissy Wand
The Pamper Prissy Wand

The Pamper Prissy Wand

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Delivering deep, precision placed stimulation from mode 1 all the way through mode 10, the Pamper Prissy Dual Motor Massaging Wand has ten completely unique patterns of pleasure. A dedicated button activates the motor and cycles through the optional vibe rhythms. The powerful power behind this silicone hitachi massaging wand solves all problems and tensions and of course all orgasms. The journal of the massager is made of specially skin-friendly and soft medical grade silicone. In addition, its round head allows easy access to all body parts that need to be relaxed. With support from a dual motor, and 10 vibration combinations, the massager removes all the tension you may suffer, and all of the satisfaction you may thrive. 

The dual motor allows you to use the head or the tail of this toy. Both ends of the toy can be used. Both ends has a motor which allows the 10 vibration speeds to spark through both ends!

This is a great device for personal massages and muscle relaxation. You may be feeling tired from work. There is nothing better than offering a nice, comfortable massage with this. With its multispeed pulse patterns and powerful vibration settings, it will quickly melt your stress away and relieve your tension. Also ensures complete relief to aching muscles from your feet, legs, arms, neck, back, hands, shoulders etc.

This wand can be charged anywhere with the equipped USB charger base, enabling you to enjoy the oral sex pleasure up to 2 hours or more after fully charged. This product has a quiet motor, very soft and smooth to touch.  Made of body safe, satin smooth silicone, this silky-touch massager would bring more comfort to your private parts. It's also easy to clean and simple to maintain.

How to use:  Power on the wand with the one touch button. You will start to feel its vibrations. Change the speeds of the wand by using the speed function buttons on the wand. Use the wand on any area that you choose to get your or your partner off, such as the nipples or clitoris. May also be used on non-private areas of the body, such as neck, back, etc. Always use lubricant (sold separately) to reduce any friction between you and your partner. Using lubricant will also increases slippery sensations and aide the wand to glide easier. Always turn the power off on the wand and unplug any cords immediately after use. Clean the wand before putting it away. Avoid product exposure to direct sunlight or storage for prolonged periods above 100°F. Able to charge anywhere with a USB port such as a phone charger, computer, in the car, etc.

Cleaning:  Wash your sex toy with a toy cleanser solution (sold separately), or with mild soap & water, using a damp washcloth (when cleaning, never let the toy sit in water or place under a water faucet or hose.). Clean your toy after each use and again before touching another person’s genitals. Let the toy air dry, and then immediately store in a safe and dry area, away from extreme heat or cold, and away from water. 

Length:  9 Inches

Width:  2 Inches

Color:  Mint Green

Material:  Silicone. Latex-free

           Product is rechargeable, USB charge cord and velvet storage bag included.

                                                   Item is Waterproof.

The Pamper Prissy Wand